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You are composing an academic argument means you are composing for an academic community. -An academic writing community can be thought of as a larger discourse community, but each discipline or field of study within academia has its own genre conventions and ways of writing. -However, academic writing/ composition as a whole can be said to have certain features and moves. This assignment will help you understand the conventions of academic writing in the field of your interest and give you the opportunity to practice it and analyze and reflect on your process of composing an academic piece. And the hope is that once you can work with the conventions, the skill can be transferred to various writing situations. You have already chosen an issue ( Fast Fashion) done some research and also analyzed three texts. This project begins with understanding of what conversation is taking place on the issue you have chosen, identifying an exigence, and asking/developing a question that you want answered (research question). You will then do more research, and find at least two more texts that address the issue from various perspectives (for this purpose you will first identify the gap in research you’ve done so far so that you can productively search for sources that will help you understand the issue more and make an effective argument). Then you will also conduct a primary research on the issue (to the extent possible), and compose an argument using/ citing at least six different sources (including the primary source)

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