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Final evolution of fire investigations

Using proper APA format in at least 800 words, briefly discuss the evolution of fire investigations and its impact on arson cases. As well as, briefly provide an overview of the reliability of computer fire models at trial.

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When discussing the evolution of fire investigation and its impact on arson cases a necessary first step is to discuss the history, what was and what is. On the topic of what was, in the late 1970s a report released by the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA) entitled “Arson and Arson Investigation: Survey and Assessment” as cited by Lentini (2019) captured a significant fact, though distinct indicators known as “burn indicators” are routinely found and accepted markers indicating the origin there is little to no scientific method of analysis proving these claims (Lentini, 2019). In this one study it was fundamentally admitted that the results of the methods employed at this time were predominantly speculative and anecdotal in nature. Over the course of the next couple of decades the methods of investigating arson cases based on these methods would see greater skepticism (Lentini, 2019).

Alternatively, from this open admission on the lack of science-based methodology another quest to formulate a modality, based in scientific analytics would be achieved. On a completely different pathway isfire debris analysis, this innovative method could well hold the key to achieving a greater understanding of how fires act and react (Lentini, 2019). Due to its inherent nature fire investigation is often referred to as “origin and cause” or attempting to locate where the fire started and by what means of ignition (Hennberg & Morling, 2018 p. 46). By utilizing an accepted methodology such as fire debris analysis, investigators can detect small quantities of ignitable liquid residues (ILR) contained within the various materials that may incorrectly infer that an accelerant was used (Lentini, 2019). There have been many examples of when expert testimony has been used in court to “prove” guilt though in recent years there has been numerous cases dismissed post incarceration upon the analyzation of evidence utilizing new technological advancements in forensics (Hennberg & Morling, 2018).

Moving on to what is, with the march of time there have been numerous advancements in the field of forensics that provide critical aid to the investigator. But there has been strong light shed on this field of investigation due to its inconsistency (Lentini, 2019). Much like the innocence project using DNA evidence to exonerate prisoners of other crimes in the early 2000sthe Department of Justice (DoJ) suggested the use of NFPA 921 to do the same for those cases involving possible arson and any large structure fires (Lentini, 2019). NFPA 921 is a seven-step scientific model to determine the cause of a fire or explosion. It is through this initiative that theefficacy of standard investigative methodologies has been challenged in recent years. What was

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