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WRT 101: Final Exam Essay Guidelines In 4 pages, examine the film Kramer v. Kramer and the effects of divorce on a young child in 1970’s NYC. Draw some information from the Judith Wallerstein Study on the long-term effects of divorce on children which is on D2L: 4 pages, typed, double spaced, Times New Roman, font 12

Ted Kramer (Hoffman) is a high-powered advertising executive who focuses almost exclusively on his work. As the movie begins, he has just landed a large account for his company. After celebrating, he arrives home to his wife, Joanna (Streep), who announces that she is leaving him. Ted does not take her seriously at first but panics when she tells him that she is also leaving their six-year-old son, Billy (Justin Henry). Over the next few weeks, Ted and Billy struggle in Joanna’s absence. Billy challenges his father, and Ted is frequently angered when Billy’s needs interfere with his ability to focus on work. As time goes on, however, Ted becomes less self-centered and adjusts to being Billy’s parent, and Billy gets used to Ted as his caretaker. Ted and his recently divorced neighbor, Margaret (Jane Alexander), who had been Joanna’s confidante, become friends. In a scene that illustrates Ted’s new dedication to his son’s welfare, Billy falls off a jungle gym at a park, badly cutting his face, and Ted races with him to a nearby hospital. While his home life improves, Ted’s work situation suffers. Since he is no longer able to devote himself fully at the office, he eventually loses his job. Some 15 months after having left, Joanna returns, saying that she now feels capable of mothering Billy and that she will seek full custody of the child. Ted and Joanna each begin meeting with lawyers and crafting strategies to paint the other as a bad parent. Ted, frantic to get a new job before the custody hearing, negotiates a significant pay decrease in order to secure immediate employment. At the hearing, each lawyer brutally attacks the other parent, bringing up the number of lovers whom Joanna has had during the separation as well as the injury that Billy suffered in the playground while Ted was watching. Though Margaret testifies that Ted has become a devoted parent, custody is ultimately awarded to Joanna. When Ted learns that Billy would have to testify if he should appeal, he drops that idea and prepares Billy for the new situation. On the day that Billy is to go home with Joanna, she tells Ted that she has realized that Billy’s home is with him and that she will not be taking him.


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