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Final Exam criminal mindset

Understanding a criminal and criminal mindset is an extremely crucial part of criminology. It allows officers to answer question like: How the offender chooses its victims? Orin the case of a burglary, how the offender picks its target to burglarize?

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Santtila, Ritvanen and Mokros (2004) give us the perfect insight through the study they conducted on burglars and their targets of choice. Santtila et al. (2004) explains that most of the burglaries that occur are planned, which means the burglars themselves are rational thinking. That means that burglaries are rarely committing crimes without thinking, planning or evaluating the risk vs gain factors. Therefore there are three different “clues” that stand out with one looks into the study of burglaries: (1) The risk of being seen, (2) The presence of inhabitants and (3)The ease of gaining access to the home or apartment. Burglars want to get in an out quick, when the possibility of getting caught is very low and when the home is empty, preferably. Sometimes this does not happen and burglars get caught inside or find people inside the home.

Many burglars start their journey into the criminal world by following and learning from someone close to them. They begin by committing these crimes by “necessity” or to solve another problem. The other problem is usually the need to obtain drugs. According to Santtila et al (2004) 90 to 95 per cent of burglars are male and 80 percent are unmarried. Most which started their criminal careers at an early age and then fending out for themselves as they see the benefit in profits of working alone. Women only play the role of a look out or minor role and begin their criminal careers much older than the average 21 through 25 year old male. In conclusion males are the ones who start their criminal careers off early. Mostly because they want to funds for drug us and like the adrenaline rush that comes with not getting caught. Many learn the trades from someone they know who has more experience and eventually

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