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Final Question 2 Violent CrimeControl

Briefly, discuss the effectiveness of consent degrees and Section 14141 of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. In doing so, describe the legal provision which allowed the Department of Justice DOJ to intervene in instances where allegations are made that constitutional policing is not followed as a matter of patterns and practices.

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Consent decrees are agreements done in front of a judge between two or more groups, that involve to admission of guilt, liability amongst the groups involved (, 2020).Since the1990s they have been used within the federal government as a form of law enforcement reform. The federal government and Department of Justice (DOJ) use consent decrees to help make changes to training and education for their officers (Alpert et al., 2017).Also, all agencies involved in a consent decree assign a monitoring team to help assist the judge to make sure all terms agreed upon are within the legal limits of the DOJ (Ross & Parke, 2009).Consent decrees

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