Financial Statement Analysis Paper Written Assignment

    July 16, 2023

One basic method that an accountant can use to analyze the financial situation of
a business is ratio analysis. This can be a useful tool no matter the type of legal
structure of the business and regardless of whether ownership is public or private. To
help assure the availability of the necessary data, though, this assignment will be
focused solely on a publicly traded company.
ď‚· As an overview, you will choose a publicly traded company from a list provided at
the end of this assignment. Locate the company’s website, retrieve the latest
company’s annual report from that site, calculate specific ratios for the latest two fiscal
years, and respond to a limited number of analysis questions.
ď‚· Please note that this entails far more than finding precalculated ratios from a
website such as Yahoo! Finance or Google Finance. If you desire, you can use such a
site for a reasonableness check on the results of your calculations, but any such
comparisons should not be part of your resulting paper. Also, you might not match
exactly to their figures anyway because those may include quarterly updates.

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