Fire Behavior and Combustion

    November 5, 2022

Fire Behavior and Combustion

Unit II Essay For this assignment, you will complete the second essay of the scenario-based case study. The essay should be a one- to two-page narrative focusing on arguments that support what the authors discuss in Chapter 4 and Chapter 5, as well as other research that you conduct related to these concepts.

The questions below may help you in focusing your essay on the one or two concepts chosen.

Why is it important to know the difference between intensive and extensive properties in the scenario?
What is the difference between conduction and radiation?
How does the fact that heat flows from hotter to colder affect how you fight a fire using the scenario?
What is the difference between thermally thick and thermally thin?
What is radiative heat transfer?
Why is it important to understand the effects of pain from radiant exposure?
How does fire affect building structures, and how can that knowledge be used when fighting a structure fire?
Use APA guidelines, and summarize your response. To supplement your discussion and support your conclusions, you should use information from the CSU Online Library from reputable, reliable sources, such as journal articles, case studies, scholarly papers, and other sources that you feel are pertinent. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations following APA guidelines

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