For example: how will you measuer genre, sex of artist, fast tempo, slow tempo, etc?

    October 7, 2022

Select a playlist/album:
Identify an album or playlist that you would like to listen to. The album/playlist must be a minimum of 30 minutes long. Provide the playlist/album name.
Research Question:
Create a research question that you can answer by listening to this album/playlist.
Operationalize your variable(s):
Determine and explain how will you measure your variable. For example: How will you measuer genre, sex of artist, fast tempo, slow tempo, etc?
Data collection plan: Determine and describe how will you collect your data.
Data analysis: Determine and describe how you will analyze your data. What is your data analysis plan? How will you answer your research question?
Results: What are your results? (you may present your results visually in addition to writing them)
7. Reflection:
Respond to the following questions in your reflection.
What was your process like?
Were you surprised by the results?
Do you think this type of research should be considered “real?” Why or why not?
Have you listened to the playlist before? Was it similar or different this time?
Would you recommend the playlist to a friend? Why or why not?

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