For suryana only

    October 10, 2022

APA format 1 and half pages for a response to the discussion below.  4 references 2 from walden university library. Due 10/27/17 at 1800 EST.
e nurse leader that I had the pleasure of working for when I was a new nurse in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) is someone that I had admired and hoped

to become someday. This particular manager was very knowledgeable, approachable, and easy to talk too. She will rally for her patients, her staff, her unit as a whole and

stand up for what is right to ensure quality and safe care. She was well respected by the team, doctors, and other colleagues because she can switch her management style

depending on the situation. One time we had an emergency in the ICU, and she stepped up and led the unit to ensure everyone’s safety and at the same time preparing for

the next move.

Leadership style

             This particular manager has been working in the ICU in which high pressure, uncertainty and rapid changes were the norms. (Zydziunaite

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