Forensic dentistry

ABI- Do not indent the abstract paragraph.  This will be the only paragraph in this paper that will not be indented.

KW- In APA 7th the  word “Keywords” will be italicized but the actual keywords will NOT be italicized and must be written in sentence case with the exception of proper nouns.  Keywords: odontology, forensic dentistry, crime scene investigation ; Indent the keywords line like a paragraph

CT-  Make sure that you spell out contractions such as: couldn’t, wouldn’t, won’t, don’t etc. These should be written as: could not, would not, will not, do not etc.

SHF-At least level I subheadings should be included throughout and formatted centered, all words capitalized and bold (level 1).  If you use additional subheadings, make sure that they are also formatted correctly.

SC- Titles of reference section entries need to be in “sentence case”. This means only the first word, proper nouns like names, and any word after a “colon” in a title will be capitalized. Example title would be written:   Brown, J. (2010). Working for alternatives to the death penalty (Sentence case) NOT Brown, J. (2010). Working For Alternatives To The Death Penalty (Title Case). Can you see the differences here?  Look at the title – one starts every word with a capital letter – the other does not – as if you are writing a sentence (this is what you want).  This is called sentence case. Consult this article:

RD-Do not include retrieval dates in the reference list (no, Retrieved July 19th from…).  This is no longer an APA requirement – only in rare cases ( see page 290 of APA 7th manual)

DOI- Although you were not marked down, be sure to provide the DOI for articles found online if available. Include a DOI for all works that have a DOI, regardless of whether you used the online version or the print version. The DOI looks like a  URL with the DOI #

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