Formulate questions that ensure an appropriate understanding of the disorder.

    September 17, 2022

Formulate questions that ensure an appropriate understanding of the disorder.Course Project; select a mental disorder to work on for your course project. As part of your course project, you will conduct field research on the practice related to your selected disorder. In your field research, you will interview a mental health professional to learn about the practice related to diagnosing and treating the disorder. In tassignment, you will prepare for the interview. Provide a brief introductory paragraph identifying and discussing the DSM disorder you have selected (furnish appropriate Acitations and References).Write ten interview questions that will bring out the information you need. Formulate questions that ensure an appropriate understanding of the disorder.The questions should assist in differentiating the chosen disorder from those found within and outside its parent category.The tips for approaching your future Interview with a Mental Health Professional Ideally, you will select a mental health professional in your local area whom you can interview in person.However, if tis not possible, you may choose to select a mental health professional who is located in another city or state. Some students who live in remote areas may choose to contact state or national mental health-related organizations to find potential interviewees. Such organizations include:The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI): Mental Health Treatment Facility Locator (SAMHSA-sponsored): Veterans Administration Hospitals Locator (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs): The Salvation Army?s Harbor Light Centers Locator: In that case, you would conduct a phone interview. Ensure that the person you interview has a background in the disorder you are studying.

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