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Forum 3 various victim wounds

Identify, discuss and debate the characteristics of the various victim wounds in the crime scene photographs of the 7 year old female victim below.

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The first slide illustrates to us many things. First up we can see that the ligature material used here was nylon rope, which tends to be one of the most common materials used for hanging/ strangulation(Ambade, 2015). Next we can also tell from the image that the individual was most likely strangled to death since the nylon rope is knotted in the occipital region, rather than either side of the neck area which are a common characteristic of an individual hanging (Ghodake, 2014). To further validate this we noticed that the noose of the rope is evenly set with the neck rather than running upward in a “v” shape,  which again is characterized with a person hanging (Ghodake, 2014). So from this we can infer that the perpetrator strangled the victim from behind and also had to reposition his hold more than once since visible marks can be seen on the neck that point this out to us. Moving along we can also see that tape or some type of material was used to cover the victim’s mouth in attempt to keep her quiet while the crime was committed. Along with this we can also assume that on the right side of the face where the tape was placed we have trace evidence of dried up saliva, which can be linked to asphyxia (Spitz, 2006).For those who do not know asphyxia is pretty much the process of interfering normal breathing and oxygen utilization by means of blocking (Spitz, 2006). Lastly we can see multiple bruising marks from the

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