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Forum 6 computer databases

1) Discuss in detail how computer databases and information networks may be useful in criminal investigations.2) Discuss in detail how crime analysis (crime mapping and geospatial technology) may be useful as a tool in criminal investigations e.g., home burglary, auto theft, or other crimes.

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1) Technology is transforming the criminal justice system. Of particular interest are new tools that make it easier and less expensive to identify criminal offenders, often through increased surveillance. These provide an essential alternative to traditional methods of crime prevention, particularly long-term incarceration. However, because these tools are so different from previous crime prevention methods, their effects are uncertain (Doleac, 2017).One of the central tasks of law enforcement is to identify individuals with certainty. Verification of identity through unique physical characteristics is the primary means for accomplishing this. Photos and fingerprints have been the mainstay techniques for many decades. More recently, the FBI’s Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)

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