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Forum 9 historical events

This week, we were asked to analyze two historical events that had a profound impact on how the United States conducts intelligence, as well as, naming a historical development that still impacts the U.S. today in regard to domestic intelligence.

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Pearl Harbor In December of 1941, the Japanese conducted a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor which ultimately resulted in a catastrophic fatalities and severe damage to our naval fleet. Although WWII had been underway for some time prior the attack, the events of Pearl Harbor was the United States’ official entry into the war. Perhaps the greatest takeaway from this attack was the realization that the United States’ intelligence capability was critically lacking, primarily between the United States Army and Navy. Prior to December, 1941, intelligence collection within the U.S. was described as unorganized and handled in a casual manner with no emphasis placed on communication or dissemination between intelligence collection agencies (An Appraisal of U.S. Intelligence, 1996). After the

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