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forum week 1 criminology

What impact does the changing nature of crime have on criminology? Please be sure to provide at least one real life example to help illustrate/support your comments.

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Let’s first define what criminology is; which the study of crime is. Criminological theory is important because it attempts to help us understand and explain crime and without this understanding crime prevention would be an arduous task (Barlow &Kauzlarich, 2010).Sure, there are more cyber-crimes and crimes that are worldwide scam, but what is happening here on the home front is more diabolical than that. It is affecting our children at home and in our schools. Especially in our schools, what is occurring is the children who are being bullied and feel that they have no other option, either engage in taking a weapon to school or suicide. Which brings me to the idea that the impact of this and what it has on the nature of crime is actually more geared by each person having their own motive for committing a crime; which is usually to gain money and power. The criminal motivation has never changed, only the techniques and the speed at which they can commit each crime. The biggest change in criminology is that

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