You are negotiating a major contract with the federal government for a
G.P.S. Navigation system that only your company makes.  The product
has been battle tested in numerous actual war time conditions during
the past few years.  You are the lead negotiator for your company. You
know that the individual representing the U.S. Government is adept at
saving the government money on acquisitions of high tech equipment
that companies like the one you represent make.

Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you:

Discuss the critical behaviors that you should be mindful of during
the negotiating process with the industry members in the scenario.
Justify your response.Compare the fundamental differences between
negotiating contracts with the federal government and a personal
negotiation in which one is purchasing a new home or a new car.Discuss
five (2) skills mentioned in Chapter 26 in the text that you believe
would be critical for your success negotiating contracts with the
federal government. Provide support for your rationale.Use at least
three (3) quality resources in this assignment

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