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Generate alternatives

The case analysis will evaluate your ability to analyze and report on a case study specific to your area of specialization. Your response to this assessment should include a thorough and detailed analysis of the case study you have been assigned that is well-researched.

Below, you will find the required format and the recommended approach you should take to analyze the case study. A detailed rubric is provided that will provide the grading criteria that will be used to assure you meet the quality guidelines.

The process you should use for analyzing a case study is:

  • Read all assigned readings, view all videos, and review the grading rubric from ADMG 700 before proceeding.
  • Review all coursework related to your specialization.
  • Use the Learning with Cases book (Erskine, Leenders, & Mauffette-Leenders, 2007) to help you work through the case study process.
  • Read the case study using the Short-Cycle approach to familiarize yourself with the case.
  • Read the case study using the Long-Cycle approach to analyze the case.
  • Draft your analysis of the case.
  • Prepare and submit your analysis following the guidelines listed below.

You will have two weeks to complete your paper. The case study must be completed within the time allowed. Your case study analysis is a multi-page document, written in APA format. You must cite all sources used to support the information written in this paper. Your recommendations must be supported using research and concepts from your specialization coursework. Your case analysis paper should be free from spelling and grammatical errors.

Required Format

Your written analysis should have the following sections:

  1. Title page (in accordance with APA format)
  2. Table of contents
  3. Executive summary
  4. Problem statement
  5. Problem and Data analysis
  6. Alternatives
  7. Key decision criteria
  8. Alternatives analysis and evaluation
  9. Recommendation
  10. Action and implementation plan
  11. Appendices (if any)

Note: Sections 3-11 should be level one headings in your paper.

Case Study Analysis Steps

Analysis of the case should take the following steps:

  1. Draft the problem statement
  2. Analyze the case
  3. Generate alternatives
  4. Develop key decision criteria
  5. Analyze and evaluate alternatives
  6. Recommend and justify the preferred alternative
  7. Developing an action/implementation plan
  8. Write the executive summary

Problem Statement

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