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GOVT_327_Week_3 wisdom and political

What is the relationship between wisdom and political obligation, especially as seen in the life and teaching of Socrates?

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Socrates was a very influential man of great wisdom and political standing during his time. Plato records his mentor’s conversations to cement his philosophies within the fields of politics and philosophy forever. Within the sphere of politics, Socrates made a lasting mark. Socrates possessed a kind of ironic modesty that seems almost arrogant and self-indulgent. Socrates believes that he is only the wisest among men because he knows that he knows nothing “I do not think that I know what I do not” (Plato 1998, 70). Socrates balances wisdom and political obligation during his trial and subsequent imprisonment while awaiting his execution by defending the truth and still accepting the state’s punishment of his accused crimes. During his trial, Socrates claims that he is innocent and that the court will someday have

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