On April 10, 2018, John Johnson, site superintendent and general project manager for the A. C Graduate School of Management (GROUP) expansion project, was in a construction meeting reviewing the schedule for the rest of the project. He was particularly concerned with the amount of construction scheduled for the Fall 2018 term; he knew the building would again be full of students then and wondered if the construction would not only disrupt the classes being held but also delay the entire project, which was scheduled to be completed December 31, 2018.


The project included both new construction and a complete renovation of the existing business building at A university (A) in Location B, California. This project was unique for everyone involved because the $24-million expansion and renovation had to occur while the building was still fully functioning as a business school; faculty and staff still needed offices, and classes had to be held in the building. This caused disruptions for users and slowed the overall construction and renovation. The new construction–including six new classrooms–would be done first and had to be completed by April 27, 2018 because classes were scheduled in the new classrooms for the spring term, which ran from April 30 to July 20, 2018. This work was on schedule.


In the meeting, Ken Kenner, the project lead, had reminded Johnson that although some of the interim deadlines could be relaxed, the one that could not be delayed was the deadline tied to the completion of eight of the renovated classrooms (in addition to the six new classrooms) for the start of the Fall semester, which was September 4, 2018. Winter 2018 classes would finish tomorrow, so Hammer Construction (Hammer) would be able to start renovating those classrooms on April 12.


Kenner had some good news for Johnson: although summer term classes (August 1-30) had been scheduled in the six new classrooms, Kenner had asked to have those moved to other buildings on campus. Thus, the GROUP building would be empty of all classes from July 23–August 31, 2018, allowing Hammer to work largely unhindered in that part of the building during this time and opening up some other options for scheduling tasks.




Hammer Construction (Hammer) was founded in 1905 in Fontana, California, as a general contractor. Its strong work ethic and focus on uncompromising quality standards had resulted in a successful 113 years of Management for the company. Hammer built all types of buildings, including large factories, warehouses, banks, university buildings, shopping malls, car dealerships, large retail stores, and pharmacies. In 2004, the company completed the first industrial building in to earn LEED certification and built several more LEED-certified buildings over the years.


Johnson started working for Hammer in 1971 as a carpenter apprentice after graduating from high school. He was promoted to the position of site superintendent in 1974, leading to a long career organizing and coordinating many construction projects. Johnson’s day-to-day tasks and responsibilities were typical of a project manager even though his official title was different. Multiple visitors to the GROUP site had commented that they had never seen such a neat construction site; this response was due to Johnson’s focus on organizing all materials and cleaning the site regularly. These practices were especially useful on this project because the building was being used by the GROUP during construction.




Located in Location B. A first established the Graduation School of Administration in 1970, which was subsequently renamed the Graduate School of Management in 1982. In 1994, the A. C Family Foundation donated $5 million to the school, which was renamed the A. C Graduate School of Management.


In April 2018, the GROUP had 106 faculty members, approximately 30 part-time instructors, 40 staff, approximately 3,000 undergraduate students, and over 550 graduate students. The large number of students in co-op programs (1,400 undergraduate and 280 graduate) meant that classes ran year-round; many students worked at their co-op placements during the fall or winter and thus needed to take classes in the spring and summer

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