HCA 340 Week 5 DQ1 principles

What ethical principles relate to this case scenario?What legal principles relate to this scenario?What might the legal consequences be to the health care organization if there is a delay in treatment?

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Ethical principles are essential guidelines to find effective reasoning, decision, and judgement calls in difficult situations. There are several ethical principles that are present in this case scenario. Patient self-determination and Fiduciary duty are the two ethical principle that were applied correctly in the scenario. The pregnant patient seek the urgent need of healthcare regardless of being uninsured because she is in active labor. The healthcare facility established by trying to find the possible care for the patient by calling in an OB-GYN physician to take care of the situation. The ethical principle that needs to be addressed is beneficence, which establish amoral act for the benefit of others by not inflicting evil or harm, but to prevent and remove it.

The physician refusal to come and treat the woman is signs of neglecting the ethical principle of beneficence, since he’s refusing to remove the harm, which does not benefit the pregnant woman to promote good. Compared to beneficence, non-maleficence is to establish the “ethical responsibility to do no harm”. Perhaps, the physician refusal and then suggesting that they transfer her to a different healthcare facility to try to prevent ineffective procedure that might increase harm to patient because of the factors of a language barrier and a potential that the patient might be put in financial debt since the patient is uninsured. It’s not clear, however, in this

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