HCA 421 Week Two Discussions

Medicare Modernization Act, HITECH Act). Select a specific type of health care organization. Which market segments pose opportunities for growth, and which pose threats to the organization’s survival? Provide at least one strategy related to the assessment and interaction with its market and customers that will maximize opportunities and minimize threats. Support your primary response with at least one scholarly source. Provide in-text citations and complete references for all sources used. Format your post according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.

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The Pharmaceutical industry is now experiencing the same phenomenon that many other industries have faced in the past where many companies have been forced to try and reinvent themselves in the face of challenges in their business environment. “As healthcare climbs up the political agenda in many countries, pharmaceutical companies face the need both to consolidate their position in the marketplace, and to negotiate with governments an appropriate role for themselves in the difficult process of health reform” (Pharma Futures, 2013). The aging population will have a positive effect on the pharmaceutical industry.

People are living longer due to advancements in the medical field in the form of cures for diseases and medications that alleviate the debilitating effects of old age. This results in a greater demand for prescription drugs and medical supplies, the output of the pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, in order to effectively compete, pharmaceutical companies must spend a tremendous amount of money on research and development in order to remain competitive in their industry. The reward of inventing a much needed medication is a patent that prevents other companies from producing that medication for seventeen years. Since they are the sole producers of the medicine, in

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