HCS 310, WEEK 2 Discussion Question # 1

Provide an example of a federal, state, or local law, regulation, or ordinance and describe how it affects your job or place of business.

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There are a number of different laws and regulations that the company that I work for must abide by such as the HIPPA privacy rule, OSHA, and the law against euthanasia and assisted suicide. However, the law that I found to be the most interesting is that of the law against euthanasia and assisted suicide in the state of Idaho. Before looking up information for this DQ, I had never really thought of this issue as being a factor in the field in which I work since those that I work with are normally nearing the end of their life in a natural manner. But after reading some articles, I realized that when dealing with the number of ill and terminally ill individuals on a daily basis that I do, that this issue may at one time or another arise. Hospice care for which I work is a type of care which provides medical, psychological, and spiritual support to those

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