HCS 316 Week 3 discussion 2

Describe an issue in your home community and what medicine is doing to control it. Describe ways in which community members have responded to the issue described. From your perspective, which perspective do you support?

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As the state of Michigan has one of the highest numbers in the COVID-19 my state and local communities and counties across the state have instituted many different regulations in order to assist in slowing the spread of the virus. Our state has ordered mandatory to wear masks in indoor public areas along with a mandatory social distance of 6 feet. The health care arena in Michigan has now entered a virtual/monitored entry position. This means most healthcare appointments are now being performed virtually or by phone and any emergency or any other appointment patients are being asked to wait in vehicles, giving a call to the office letting them know your there and a staff member will come out and get you when they are ready for you.

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