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HCS 316Week 3 Discussion 1

From a conventional perspective, what are the beliefs regarding the flu and how is it different from other familial traditions, customs, culture, and personal beliefs? Are there any differences between the conventional medical model beliefs regarding vaccines? Please explain.

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The topic of the flu vaccine can be that of high emotion for some. Some believe that it is a great way to prevent the flu and help contain its spread, while others will say that it is just a gimmick and that it should not even be on the market. While there are some familial traditions that say that natural is the only way to go, there may also be a someone that is at a higher risk for having complications if they contract the flu. There have been reports for several years regarding the decline of pediatric vaccine allover the world. From the polio vaccine in Nigeria to the MMR vaccine in the United Kingdom, as well as in the United States and mercury containing vaccinations (Wilson et al, 2008). There have been different theories as to why these vaccines are no longer being given to pediatric patients. There has been reports that in Nigeria, the polio vaccine is being used for sterilization purposes, and in the UK the MMR vaccine has been accused of causing Autism Spectrum Disorders, and mercury containing vaccines in the US have be accused of causing Autism as well. While there have been many studies and releases that contradict

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