HCS 316Week 4 Discussion 1

Identify and explain at least two detrimental contributing factors and the resultant consequences of health disparities in this population.

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Native Americans have several health disparities that have affects their life expectancy and lowered their quality of life. The two that I would like to address are that of influenza and pneumonia and Alzheimer’s disease. Influenza and pneumonia are seen at higher rate in Native Americans than that of Whites. Therecould several factors of why this is, (Groom et al, 2014) discuss the living conditions that could lead to a higher prevalence within this culture. The crowded living conditions, lack of clean drinking water, poorer indoor air quality, and other underlying health conditions and due to the environment in which this population lives, the death rate is seen in more significant numbers. Alzheimer’s disease is an interesting topic when discussing the prevalence in Native Americans. Griffin-

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