How might consumers be mislead by the media on health care issues

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I think that consumers often become misled by the media on health issues. For example, there was a major H1N1 scare a few months ago. I listened to the media and I became stressed, worrying about whether I should vaccinate my children, even though there had not been much research done about how this vaccine could affect people who received it. I think that the media could have portrayed the illness differently, and taken a different approach to informing people about about it, many of its viewers would have had a different reaction. The H1N1 virus is not good, and it can be dangerous to contract it, but many illnesses that we do not fear, like the flu or pneumonia, are also dangerous. I have also seen misleading information in the media about issues surrounding contraceptives and weight loss. The media will report on the successes of these products, but when a person

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