HCS 330 Week 2Discussion Question 3

The common cold is considered an acute disease. What is the treatment for the disease? Are there different approaches to treatment for the older persons or infants? Why or why not?

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Although the common cold, which is caused by a virus called the rhinovirus getting into the cells lining one’s nose is considered an acute disease. There currently are no treatments available when it comes to treating this disease because according to WebMD LLC (2005-2010),”The common cold can be caused by nearly 250 different viruses [and] it’s just too difficult for scientists to prepare a vaccine that protects against all of the cold viruses”(para. 2). However, there are medications & remedies that can be used to treat the symptoms of this disease such as over the counter cough syrus, Tylenol, chicken noodle soup, vicks vapor rub, & fluids. Although there are treatments available to help reduce the symptoms such as a runny nose, sore throat, mild fever, cough, & stuff nose that come with a common cold not all treatments are recommended for both the yong & the older person (WebMD LLC, 2005-2010).

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