HCS 330 Week 5Discussion Question 1

What is happening in the world today that can cataclysmically affect public health?

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Around the world these days, there are many things which are taking place, which can cataclysmically influence general public health however one of the leading problems which I notice taking place is that of water contamination. Water contamination can take place from activities as well as sources for example clearing jungles, constructing roads, mining, industrial waste products, sewage, runoff from farmland, cities and factory effluents, the build-up of sediment and a lot more (Greenfacts, 2001-2009). Roughly 3.6 million people-including 1.5 million kids are believed to pass away each year from water related diseases for example typhoid, diarrhoea, cholera, viral hepatitis, dysentery, as well as malaria (Deen, 2010). Water is an extremely important factor with regards to the survival of human beings and other creatures and with a rise in water contamination, here in the U.S and a lack of sanitary programs to filter out the water there could be disastrous consequences with regards to the quality of water which one may have to drink. For that reason, in my viewpoint as human beings rely on the use of

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