health care delivery

What are ways that medical error affects health care delivery? How can principles of quality be used to identify, correct, and prevent errors?

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Medical errors effect the health industry by increase costs with lawsuits, litigation, time, resources and pain and suffering. Tort liability for hospitals include medical expenses for both inpatient and outpatient, lost income, burial costs for fatal injuries, and pain and suffering. ” In addition to the harm they cause to patients, medical errors are expensive: the Institute of Medicine has estimated that medical errors cost $17billion to $29 billion per year”(Studdert, D. M 2008). The principles of quality can be used to identify, correct and prevent errors by implementing safer best practices systems.

These best practices using technology and safeguards will reduce mistakes and errors and reap higher returns on in investments by reducing malpractice costs and other expenses. Some of these best practices include the introduction of electronic medical records which have been known to decrease medical errors and lower costs by keeping track of patients medical information, prescriptions, and accounting management. This system keeps track of data over time by identifying patients who are over due on preventive visits and screening. It also monitors a patients vaccinations and blood pressure reading along with any complications. It improves the overall quality and efficiency of patient care.

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