Health Informatics

Clinician involvement in EHR design: Implementation testing (Pre and post)

Is the reality of the true cost of an EMR sinking in now that systems are live?

How do clinicians, your colleagues and patients feel about HER and how do you feel?

Factors that facilitate adaptation

Training tailored to clinician role

Training the patients and providers

concerns about communication about upgrades.

involvement in EHR design, including physicians in EHR training

How do we ensure Privacy and security?

How do you protect patient data in a mobile world?

What organizational policies have been established to ensure patient data is secured?

The functionalities that the EMR serves to the hospital and how have these functionalities changed or evolved over the duration that they have had this EMR.

What features in EHR do you like?

The advantages of using the EMR system

Impact of changes

Impact of EHR use on patient care

The challenges of using the EMR system

The perception of the EMR among the clinicians, healthcare workers and patients.

The impact of attitude on an individual’s response to change can be significant.

A positive, accepting attitude toward change to Improve quality, safety, and efficiency

Who accesses the system?

Physicians sometimes focus more time on the electronic health record than on the patient. What will be done to make EHRs less time consuming?

How do we address and resolve the limited availability of integration experts that has resulted from the increasing integration complexities?

What type of data goes into EHR?

How do we map different terminologies within devices, hospitals and across the industry so EHR integration can be completed more efficiently and effectively?

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