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HEALTH PROMOTION IN NURSINGRunning head: HEALTH PROMOTION IN NURSING Health Promotion in Nursing Kimberly Klessig Grand Canyon University Family Health Promotion NRS429V Sharon Moritz July 5, 2009 Health Promotion in Nursing According to Edelman and Mandel (2006), health promotion is a new field with varying definitions. ODonnell (2007) defines health promotion as the art and science of helping people to change their lifestyles to move toward a state of optimal health.Patients need to become motivated to reach this goal with the assistance of nursing care, nursing diagnoses, and nursing goals to strengthen their personal awareness, motivation, skill-building, and personal support systems to find this positive place in their own lives and healthcare. This change of health promotion is a joint effort between the patient, their families, their community, private supports through business and professional groups, and, lastly, public health programs with local, state, and federal governments.Health promotion not only offers helpful information, but also assists the patient in making decisions regarding health care such as health screening information, care of minor illnesses, emergency preparedness, management of chronic disease, and making environmental changes to better their own positive behaviors (Folding, 1988). Societal disease prevention is the focus of public health.This is where the project Health People 2010 comes into play. Healthy People was first development by the surgeon general in 1979 to promote health and prevent disease. Healthy People 2010 is the latest version and has moved to the forefront of the public health sector to emphasize health care (Edelman

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