Heritage focus

Do a local research project/exploration on:


Heritage focus


1. Deeply explore the ethnic heritage/cultural geography of West Africa, Nigeria. The

existing Nigerian state which has all the characteristics of the multiethnic loosely confederated postcolonial African states. Are the ethnic groups given autonomy? Do they have their own laws and militias? What about overlapping territorial claims? The Civil War between the north and the south of Nigeria is devastating, as well as the history of Biafra, and the Delta tribes seeking equity, to get more income from the oil wells in their territory. Explore the differences in the different tribes: Fulanis, Yoruba, Igbos and Hausa. Which one of these groups has already lost their roots due to sophistication, social media and postmodern choice or propaganda? and or governmental policy? What do you see happening? Will it be traditional dances or Beyoncé?


2. Include a power-point, or extensive graphics, sources, and evidence of research. No less than 10 pages.

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