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HIST 122 Discussion 2

From the assigned Voices of Freedom readings (Chapters 16 and 17), identify unique traits and distinguish the differing viewpoints of Chief Joseph, Saum Song Bo, Booker T. Washington, and W.E.B DuBois on what constitutes freedom. Whose viewpoint do you most identify with?

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Chief Joseph had reached a point of such frustration that his point cannot be clearer—less talk, more action. All Indian territory had been overtaken by white settlers and the Nez Perce tribe was no exception. Repeatedly, treaties were made only to be broken and usually for whites to gain and Indians to lose. Even when Chief Joseph attempted to leave American borders for Canada, the US Army pursued and blocked their escape. In short, if and only if white men would allow the same freedom and liberty for all men, peace would be simple and abide indefinitely. But if promises were continually and consistently broken, any chance for peace would be elusive for all. Saum Song Bo brought attention to the Chinese factor of racial discrimination. His timing was perfect with the Statue of Liberty being prepared for presentation at the time that Chinese immigrants were limited as to where they could go and no other Chinese could emigrate. But at the point the pedestal was planned, fundraising efforts included the Chinese. One simple

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