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HLSS302 Forum3I terrorist tactics

Identify the top three threats to the homeland and describe why you chose those as the primary threats. Considering specific terrorist tactics that have been or could be used in the homeland, which do you consider to be the most intimidating and which do you see as the most likely to be used?

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I am torn with this week’s question as recent events have demonstrated our many vulnerabilities. In my opinion the top three threats to homeland security are Cyber threats, Weapons of Mass Destruction and Counter intelligence. Cyber threat is number one on my list. As we can all a test that technology is amazing. When you think about having navigation system on your watch or in your car and while traveling you can get to your destination without fighting with your paper map. I think majority of us welcome that advancement and consider that a growth. However this same technology if not protected can allow our advisories to attack our power grids, airports, fuel lines. Just to name a few

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