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HLSS322 week 3 counter-terrorism

For week 3 we were asked to discuss how the United States government should deal with the heightened concern about homegrown violent extremism and the growing concern for the preservation of civil liberties. Additionally, we were asked to discuss the political and constitutional consequences of counter-terrorism, and how we assess the tradeoffs between freedom and security?

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The topic between the need for security and the need to protect civil liberties is a highly debated topic with people’s opinions falling all through the spectrum. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to what is more important. Instead, there needs to be a balance and their needs to be checks and balances to ensure that the scale stays level. The increase in technology and the widespread use of the internet has opened the world to a lot of security challenges. One of those challenges is terrorist organizations having the ability to reach and target specific types of individuals and radicalize them without every having to be geographically located.

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