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HLSS322_week 4 immigration

For week 4 we were asked to discuss how should the United States best address immigration now, in the next five years, and the next ten years.

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The immigration policy in the United States has been a source for heated debate for many years and policy makers have failed to come up with an effective solution. When addressing this topic, I feel that it needs to be looked at in two separate topics. First, regular immigration, and next, illegal immigration. There are many ways that an individual can enter this country legally whether through a nonimmigrant visa, or an immigrant visa. Some nonimmigrant visas include business visitors, exchange visitors, media or journalist, and student. Some immigrant visas include spouse of a US citizen, intercountry adoption, and various employer sponsored visas. Many of these types of visas require background checks or other forms of verification and require the applicants to meet certain criteria. These legal means for entering the country often

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