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Hlss323 Week 3 Post Question 1

What were the driving factors that inspired Tim McVeigh to Violence?

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Growing up in a single parent household, in his adolescent and teenage years Timothy McVeigh endured bullying due to his body composition, forcing him to engage in isolationist behavior (Linder, 2006). Although not radicalized at this time, McVeigh was able to identify a target causing his grievance; Bullies. Throughout his teenage years, adopting a disengaged and introverted life lead McVeigh to develop an extreme interest in marksmanship and survivalism (Linder, 2006).In my opinion this is extremely important in understanding the driving factors that lead McVeigh to violence. McVeigh’s decision to act as a hermit hindered his progress psychologically, causing his discontent towards bullies to manifest as grandeur projections as he got older (military, ATF, government).

Not to long after high school McVeigh joined the Army. Having the opportunity to be around like-minded individuals, McVeigh finally encountered a small network of individuals that supported and shared a similar ideology (Linder, 2006). While serving in the Army McVeigh briefly became a Klansman but became disassociated due to swaying concerns. While the KuKlux Klan focused on race issues, McVeigh worried of fleeting constitutional rights (Baysinger,2006). Upon returning from the Persian Gulf War, where McVeigh shared mix-reviews of the military’s intervention, McVeigh applied and underwent special forces training (Green Beret)(Linder, 2006). I feel this is another pivotal moment in McVeigh’s life. Keeping in mind

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