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HLTH320 DQ2Wk2 Epi studies

Answer all parts: a) Examining the three kinds of epidemiological studies – Intervention, Cohort, or Case-Control (see page71 in your Schneider text) tell which you think is a more effective way to gather data and why. b) Give an example of the study you have chosen.

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I have always been more interested in intervention studies, more specifically randomized double-blinded studies. I believe there are more experiments that may be done as well as better results. Most drugs go through intervention studies, such as chemotherapy drugs. This is very important, because we need to know and understand how it will work on the public. It is important to know how we can different; the public being a large population of random people with similarities according to genetic material but different with variations. We need to know and understand the variations, and how the drug will react with those variations

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