HN370-S-Issues Around Abuse


Need by 18 June 2016 by 2300hrs EST




Respond to the questions below in complete sentences, paragraphs, 200–300 words in length and when referencing the text, APA paper formatting and citation style must be used.


  1. Who would you consider to be in your support system?

  2. Do families who experience abuse have support systems? Why or why not?

  3. How does having a support system figure into issues of abuse?

  4. What role would you play as a human services professional in the support systems of families with whom you work?




You may use the following as a reference: Crosson-Tower, Cynthia. Exploring Child Welfare: A Practice Perspective, Vitalsource for Kaplan University, 6th Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions, 2013. VitalSource Bookshelf Online.


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