How to Choose a Dissertation Topic | Awesome Steps to Follow

    December 27, 2022

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Dissertation Topic

In this article, we’ll discuss what a dissertation project is, how to choose a good topic for your dissertation project, some tips and common pitfalls to avoid when writing one, great dissertation topics, and frequently asked questions about conclusions.

What is a dissertation?

A dissertation is an academic assignment usually written upon completion of either a graduate or an undergraduate degree to assess a student’s writing and research skills. The dissertation will be effective depending on the text structure and organization.

Usually, it’s the longest piece of academic writing in the entire student’s life, and when they encounter it for the first time, most students get stuck. This blog is designed to help you learn how to draft one like a pro!

What is a dissertation topic?

A dissertation topic is the main idea that a dissertation focuses on. A dissertation topic depends on what you are interested in and would like to researc about it. If you choose a dissertation topic interests you or focuses on yur career, you will find an essya time completing your dissertation project.

Therefore, it ic crucial to send time researching a good dissertation topic and pick one that best suits you.

What are the key attributes of a great dissertation topic?

  • It has to be very clear
  • It has to be unique
  • It has to be relevant to a given field of study

Before you choose the topic, consider the following:

  • Your research area of interest
  • How relevant is your research topic
  • Your scientific and practical relevance
  • Department’s requirements
  • The availability of data and resources
  • The set deadline

How to Choose a Dissertation Topic – 8 Simple and Awesome Tips

1.     Check the requirements 

To help you gauge what is possible to research and what to avoid. You might be given just a word count, a deadline, or a list of dissertation topics from some departments.

Therefore before making your final decision on a topic, you need to:

  • Know the deadline
  • Know the type of orientation to applied
  • Know the word count
  • Be aware of the methods to be used

2.     Choose a broad field of research

What are those interesting areas of the course you’re taking? You need to identify the broad idea and then maybe narrow it down at a later stage, like the health policy or the history of an economy

3.     Select a topic that you find interesting from that field 

Remember to choose an interesting topic for your dissertation; it can be based on your academic career or any other relevant subject. Whichever the case, ensure you’ve got what it takes to write about it passionately within the set time frame.

It’s also recommended to choose the subject related and can benefit your career in the future since it gives you a greater understanding and additional strength of your research subject.

4.     Look for books and articles. 

Once you select several possible topics, evaluate the availability of information in different books and articles. You need to check the articles that are available online or those from your library databases. 

As you look for the books and articles, note down any specific ideas that interest you and make a shortlist of the best topic that has readily available information for easy research.

5.     Consider the type of research

At this stage, think about the best research approach for your selected topic. There are several possible research approaches. You can either use existing data, gather original data or combine both.

Original data collection takes time; therefore, you need to obtain already existing data from available primary and secondary sources to save time.

There are different ways through which you can conduct your research. These include:

  • Collecting original data
  • Analyzing existing data 
  • Interpreting cultural objects
  • Comparing scholarly approaches

6.     Determine the relevance 

Ensure your topic is connected to current issues so you can be relevant. Make it clear when defining the research problem. 

Keep it interesting and relevant about:

  • Academic field

Your research should be in a position to fill a knowledge gap or contribute to a scholarly debate in your field.

  • Social relevance

 Your research should be in a position to advance our understanding of society and inform social change.

  • Practical relevance 

Your research should be applied to solve concrete problems or improve any form of processes in life

7.     Make sure it is plausible 

Based on the time allocated, you must read all forms of literature about the chosen topic. If there is too much information to tackle, you can narrow it down even more. 

What is your position regarding gathering enough data to meet your dissertation requirements? If you struggle to come up with enough, then you need to shift your focus. 

 Therefore, make sure you’ve enough funding and practical access and choose something you’re enthusiastic about

8.     Seek approval and ask for advice from your instructor 

Sometimes it will be required that you submit your research proposal or your dissertation topic for approval by your instructor.

Based on the professor’s feedback, be ready to make changes to your topic. Just be sure your timing is good to begin on a new topic. Remember, you can always check with your instructor to avoid confusion.

50 Trendy Dissertation Topics Examples

Nature & Environment Topics

1. Healthcare effect of natural parks.

2. Impacts of global warming.

3. Globalization effects on Amazon rainforests

4. Effects of construction on Earthquakes.

5. Effects of Facebook on environmental initiatives

6. Chemical plants in China and environmental changes.

7. Comparison of environmental laws in the U.S.

8. An impact of animals chipping on their breeding patterns.

9. Polar bears migration.

10. Modern soils and dehydration processes.

Topics on Social Issues

1. Effects of staying honest

2. Causes of racism in society

3. Women in abusive relationships

4. An impact of domestic violence on children.

5. Impacts of poverty

6. Chronicles and their impacts.

7. Outcomes of online dating

8. Impacts of travelling around the world

9. Sports impact the lives of young people.

10. What are the PTSD reasons among U.S. veterans?

IT Topics

1. Internet influence on young children.

2. Social networks impact personal safety.

3. E-learning is a threat to traditional education.

4. Online shopping leads to additional financial risks.

5. YouTube’s impact on freedom of speech in the United States.

6. Influence of social media on the perception of information.

7. IT job market’s influence on immigration.

8. Technology makes daily life more complicated.

9. Cyberbullying

10. Effects of social media addiction.

Political Science topics

1. Social media and politics.

2. Political leaders and their resignations.

3. Gun possession laws in the United States.

4. Causes of political politics in the 1950s

5. Chosen language style on political success influence.

6. Outcome of foreign U.S. politics in Iraq and Afghanistan.

7. Political bias leads to the wrong perception of social minorities.

8. Female politicians have to work twice harder because of gender bias.

9. Impact of the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S.

10. Impacts of globalization

Youth & Education Topics

1. Impacts of stress on college students

2. What are the causes of bullying?

3. An impact of growing up in a single-parent family.

4. Challenges and influence of distance learning.

5. Effects of living in a multilingual society.

6. Negative effects of working and studying at the same time

7. Low grades report cases among college students.

8. Dropping out of college: causes and effects analysis.

9. Video games have negative effects on mental health.

10. Anger and confusion in schools. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by dissertation?

A dissertation is a challenging paper a student must complete to earn their degree or doctorate. It’s similar to writing a book, usually divided into several chapters and is longer than your normal academic essays.

Do you get to pick your dissertation topic?

You can select any topic for a dissertation that adds value to the previous one as long as it is relevant to your subject.

 Once you select an issue or area of interest, your next step is to list and narrow your choices.

What is a good dissertation title?

A good dissertation title should communicate what you’re writing about. This can be broken down into a topic and a focus. 

The topic of your research is the general area you’re researching. The focus is the specific thing you are investigating within that field.

How do I choose the best dissertation topic?

When choosing a topic, consider the following:

  • Your institution and department’s requirements
  • Your areas of knowledge and interest
  • The scientific, social, or practical relevance
  • The availability of data and sources
  • The length and timeframe of your dissertation

How do I know I have a good main research question?

The research question should not be answered with a yes or no. If that is the case, then it has to be ditched. A good research question requires comprehensive research and an exhaustive analysis of ideas. 

What is a dissertation prospectus?

It is a detailed plan of what will be in your dissertation. This includes what your dissertation will be on and how you will approach the subject.

How to choose a topic for a dissertation?

When choosing a topic, consider the following:

  • Your institution and department’s requirements
  • Your areas of knowledge and interest
  • The scientific, social, or practical relevance
  • The availability of data and sources
  • The length and timeframe of your dissertation

What to put in the discussion of the dissertation?

When it comes to this section, you need to focus on the following key elements:

A summary

 You need to highlight your key results briefly


The meaning of your results


What makes you think your results matter


What is it that you cannot tell us?


 Are there any avenues for further analysis

How to write an effective dissertation?

You need to:

  • Clearly understand the meaning of a dissertation
  • Come up with an interesting topic
  • Craft a convincing research proposal
  • Draft a good introduction
  • Compile a literature review
  • Come up with research findings
  • Conclude and discuss implications

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