How to Send an Email to the Professor about a Late Assignment

    November 3, 2022

How to Send an Email to the Professor about a Late Assignment

Once you enroll in a college, you will be forced into a completely new world in which you must gradually adapt to new cultures and habits. You will have a lot to cope with during this transitional phase, including focusing on your academics, developing new contacts, and learning to manage your resources and spending correctly to have a good time.

Based on how you handle all of these activities, you may spend most of your time focusing on other activities rather than academics. As a result, most students find themselves in a situation where their assignments/homework are late and past the deadline due dates. 

While convenient and straightforward time management might be one of the advantages of being a student, meeting deadlines can sometimes be challenging. At some points, you notice that 24 hours is inadequate to fulfill the intended deadlines.

Late assignments may have some implications based on the school’s policies. Some institutions tend to penalize students by deducting 5% of their total grade, while in others, the instructor or Professor may decline the assignment, forcing the student to extend their study time.

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However, you do not have to worry if you completely fail to submit your work on time. Contact your Professor, explain the problem, and inform them that you will be overdue on some projects. You may be wondering how to submit a relevant email to your tutor. This article will cover everything you need to know and show you how to write to a professor about late work and apologize for being belated.

Why is it Necessary to Write a Late Assignment Letter?

While most students must deem themselves grown and mature, to the extent of not seeing the need to explain themselves, there are various reasons why you must notify the Professor about presenting the work late past the due dates. Below are some of the reasons why:

I.To demonstrate respect and notify the Professor that you will be late submitting the assignment

Notifying the Professor before the deadline that you will be unable to submit on time is always preferable to submitting the work after the deadline has already passed.  This indicates that you cared enough about the assignment and worked hard to accomplish it by the deadline.

II.         Explaining the reason for lateness

Since we are all humans with diverse life circumstances, there are numerous instances where unavoidable emergencies may prevent students from studying and submitting assignments on time, and you would want your Professor to be aware of such. In this case, professors will not be harsh with you, and they can listen and comprehend what you have endured.

You may be experiencing personal restraints such as illness, an accident, a lack of focus, or family emergencies and commitments. There could also be resource problems, such as a power outage, a website breakdown, or an inability to access the reference material. Professors may consider your reasons and recognize that balancing many situations is beyond a student’s capacity sometimes and may allow them to miss the deadline.

III.         Request for an Extension

When you realize you cannot submit the assignment on time, you will want the Professor to allow you an extension. This email should include your reasons for requesting an extension, your significant progress with the work, and the amount of time you may need to complete it.

IV.         Apologizing for missing the deadline

Most of the time, professors are upset by students who submit their papers late. As a result, it would be appropriate to contact the Professor through email about the late work, apologizing for missing the due date. If you show your Professor that you are genuinely sorry and present a convincing explanation for what happened, the penalty may be waived or reduced.  Moreover, you should also indicate that this was a one-time occurrence and that you will not repeat it.

While you cannot always forecast if the circumstances will be comfortable for you, you may wonder how to write a professor about a late assignment. You might be unable to complete the assigned activity, and the Professor will not allow you any additional time.

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How to Properly Write a Late Assignment Email

Composing a late assignment email to the Professor might not be the easiest thing since; you cannot tell if he will give you an extension and let you complete the task with extra time. However, to acquire the finest possible response, you must construct a flawless and convincing letter.  Below are some steps you may follow to make your email perfect.

Step 1

Address the email to your Professor and begin with an appeal. Ensure that the tone of the email is respectful and that the Professor’s name is appropriately included with the title. If necessary, you can also duplicate the email and forward it to the institution’s dean. Following that, you must create a subject for the email, for example, “Apology for late assignment submission.” However, remember that the subject depends on your specific problem.

Step 2

Start composing the email’s content. Starting with a good introduction and an apology is a good approach. Then, attempt to clarify the aim of the request and get directions to the objective since Professors dislike reading long articles with plenty of needless words. Further, make it a priority to demonstrate that you have acknowledged your mistake and will do your best not to repeat it.

Step 3

Clearly state and explain the reasons for your failed on-time delivery to the Professor. Nevertheless, be sincere and polite to get some leniency from the Professor. It would be best if you made sure that the reasons for the missed deadline are legitimate and reasonable. Do not take advantage of the Professor’s pleasant demeanor for granted because he may decline your request if he suspects deception. Below are some common reasons the Professor is ready to consider and evaluate.

  • Due to an illness
  • Personal and family emergencies
  • Unforeseen Internet outage when saving an assignment
  • Laptop failure
  • Timing miscalculation on the due date
  • Due to the work’s difficulty, there is not enough time to complete it

Step 4

Apologize for the late submission. Assure your Professor that, despite the lateness of the assignment, you value their time. If you explain your circumstance or request an extension without including this critical component in your email, you may accidentally portray ungratefulness to your Professor.

Step 5

Ask for an extension. If anything comes up and you could have your work filled out and submitted with a little more time, request that the deadline be pushed. Professors get multiple requests and cannot always satisfy everyone, so be honest, transparent, and thoughtful—this will increase your chances. Show your Professor what you have been trying your best and show them how far you have proceeded with the work.

Step 6

Accept accountability rather than evade blame. It can be challenging to accomplish this, especially when circumstances are beyond your control. Assuming responsibility, you will be more likely to get what you want. Your lecturer will most likely like your maturity and professionalism.

Step 7

Attach any relevant proof to justify your reasons for the late delivery if you have any. These proofs may include medical reports or particular medications. These documents will attest to your failure to complete the responsibilities.

Step 8

Provide a conclusion. You might honestly apologize once more and reassure the Professor that you will try your best not to make the same mistake again. Consider writing a sensitive conclusion and expressing your desire for the teacher’s comprehension. Finally, include your name, signature, and any other relevant details.

Tips for Writing a Successful Late Assignment Letter

The following are some tips you can add to your email to make it more appealing.  There is a chance they will persuade the Professor to agree to the extension and reduce the penalty.

i.        Maintain a professional tone and be respectful

Even if you have spoken lightly in person, it is always advisable to be official via email. Then, throughout your email, try to be as polite as possible.

ii.        Be Responsible

Take control of your activities. Every Professor despises it when students avoid taking responsibility. The fact that you could not submit your papers on time has nothing to do with the Professor. Furthermore, admitting your mistake demonstrates your maturity and professionalism.

iii.        Keep your email brief

It is easy to overshare when you are worried about emailing a professor. While this is understandable, try to prevent it if possible. Your professors are busy and appreciate people who will get to the point. Provide only the information they require, and once you are finished with the email, go back and modify it for clarity.

iv.        Have a backup plan

If you have requested an extension, and the Professor has not given you feedback, start doing the work or coming up with ideas of how to. It is entirely up to your Professor to change the deadline, and some colleges have harsh policies regarding late work. Expect the best, but prepare for the worst. Get started on that paper, and if the deadline has not passed, do your best to complete it on time.

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An Example of a Late Assignment Email

Dear Professor,

I hope this email finds you well. My name is Torres, and I am a student in your Monday afternoon accounting class. Though I realize our next assignment is due in two days, I am emailing to request an extension.

I apologize for the inconvenience. The fact is that I have been dealing with some health concerns, and my coursework has been taking longer than usual lately. Keeping this in mind, I should have planned for additional time, for which I accept full responsibility. I value my education and will do everything in my power to avoid this in the future.

I have attached a note from my physician below. Thank you so much for your thoughts and time. Please do not hesitate to reach out if there are any inquiries.



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