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How will you use this scholarship to benefit the development of your country?

How will you use this scholarship to benefit the development of your country?How will you use this scholarship to benefit the development of your country? The International Peace Scholarship program is committed to promoting a student body made up of diverse nationalities andcultural backgrounds, which in the future will contribute to a worldwide medical community. Partial scholarships are awarded tonon-US students who exhibit academic excellence, demonstrate financial need, and who will return to their home countries asphysicians dedicated to the enhancement of the countries’ medical care systems.b) Commonwealth Jubilee Scholarship (Full)This scholarship program seeks to make tertiary education possible for top scholars in Commonwealth countries who mightotherwise be unable to attend university. Preference will be given to students from developing countries and small states. Recipientswill be required to return to their home countries and put their acquired education and skills to good use.The award determinations will be made by the University’s Commonwealth Jubilee Scholarship Committee based primarily onacademic excellence, financial need and the student’s commitment to the chosen discipline. We seek to nurture and encouragestudents of superior academic caliber to strike out and impact the development of industry and healthcare in their home countryHence for this award it’s important to mention my link with India, as they choose students from developing nations/smaller states. This award is to try combat ‘brain drain’. So as UK national it’s important that I write from a dual perspective

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