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HRMN 362 – Week 4 Discussion

During an economic recession, discuss how management’s or a union’s bargaining power might be affected. Give an appropriate business example to illustrate what you mean, support it with at least one reference. Please interact with at least one classmate

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During an economic recession bargaining power on both sides (Management and Union)are impacted. An economic recession generally results in a reduction in revenue and financial stability, but not outgoing costs and expenses. It is a fine line collective bargaining during a recession. If you swing the pendulum too far to management, you run the risk of losing your workforce at a critical time. If it swings too far to unions, the business falls prey to the recession and then the unions will have no jobs to bargain for. It appears, for the most part, the most recent recession created an influx of labor-management partnerships. Job security is a major factor for both sides of the fence. As  a result, most labor-management looked towards concession bargaining. In a number of

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