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HRMN 395 Week 3 perks you learned

Of the perks you learned about in the readings for the week, which two were surprising to you? Select two from the various lists and share how you think offering the perks assist the organization in attracting, retaining and engaging their employees. You don’t need to interact with another classmate.

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The two perks that were a bit surprising for me were how a company may send a gift to employees, and flexible working location where you can choose to work off-site part time. As mentioned in Hung &Wang’s article they provide an example how a company will send premium bottles of champagne to employees who deliver great performance. (Hung & Wang, 2017) This is only surprising that it’s still relevant and utilized in 2017, as I assumed that sending gift items would be prohibited today especially if you have younger individuals on your team, or women who are pregnant, etc. (Janie, n.d.) This organization may be a smaller company where they are able to know each employee and their interested, which could create a more personal bond with one another. Not sure if this perk would work for a larger organization as it may run into legal restrictions if alcohol is involved and then it may be discrimination between employees if someone is unable to consume yet their gift value may have been less than the alcohol, etc.

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