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HRMN 406 Week 2 Discussions-copy

How can training be designed to motivate learning and accommodate trainee differences? Consider learning styles, adult learning theories, and motivation.

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Employees that attend training feel like the organization is investing in them, and they can gain new knowledge and skills. Training is used to advance an employee in their current job skills or for a new position. This helps them improve their skills and helps with further development with their growth for their career. Organizations should always offer training to contribute to their employee’s success and the growth of the business. People absorb information in different ways, and there is a mix of learning styles. Activists are employees who learn by doing. They need to dive in with an open-minded approach to learning involving themselves, needing to get into the action and experience with what they are trying to learn. Activists learners are very hands-on employees.

(Dunn,2000)Attribution theory is concerned with how individuals understand and relate to their thinking and behavior. This theory assumes that people try to determine why individuals do what they do, and attribute causes behavior. Attribution has three stages of how a person perceives or observes behavior, if the behavior was intentionally performed, and if the person was forced to perform the behavior. “Weiner focused his attribution theory on achievement (Weiner, 1974). He identified ability, effort, task difficulty, and luck as the most important factors affecting attributions for achievement. Attributions are

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