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HRMN Discussion 367 Culture

Based on the reading for this week, identify an artifact and a value in your organization. Describe each one in detail. You do not need to respond to classmates.

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Part of where you can find an artifact of culture at Amazon would be the two pizza rule and no PowerPoints. Which means every team should be small enough to be fed by two pizzas and no one should be presenting a ppt. At Amazon everyone has a team small enough to innovate ideas/projects and execute it, of course with inputs from business partners. This limits the different directions a larger group may partake and lessens the communication issues you may see. Amazon also believes and executes presenting docs only when presenting an idea or project. This requires all attendees in the meeting to silently read the document at the beginning of the meeting and fully understand/engage in the topic being discussed. These artifacts are the reason Amazon has been able to create and succeed with products such as AWS, Alexa, and Amazon Prime. These artifacts are not only the behaviors, products, technologies and language at Amazon it is part of the culture. The observable artifact is only a

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