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HRMT 407 Forum 6 union

Have you ever been affiliated with a union? How relevant are unions in America today? Are they fair to employees, employers, taxpayers? What are the ramifications of HRM functions and unions today?

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I have never been affiliated with a union nor have I ever spoken with anyone about their membership in a union. Until researching for this week’s forum, I knew very little about unions. I think the majority of people understand unions to be an organization created in order to protect worker’s rights in their industry. According to Wienlick, membership in labor unions has decreased significantly over the last decade which would indicate that unions are losing their relevance in modern America. Unions are inherently fair, but that does not mean they always work in the best interest of employees, employers, and taxpayers. Despite having good intentions, a union’s negotiations in the interest of their members causes tension between the employees and employers that may result in a

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