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HRMT 407 week 6 DQ HRM functions

How relevant are unions in America today. Are they fair to employees, employers, taxpayers? What are the ramifications of HRM functions on unions of today?

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Dias defines a labor union, or union, as workers banding together to meet common goals, such as better pay, benefits, or promotion rules (Dias, 2012). Labor unions in America grew from the need to protect workers. Unions fought for better wages and safe working conditions. Efforts to stop child labor, worker’s compensation and health benefits are just a few of the many accomplishments unions have achieved. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the union membership rate was 11.1 percent in 2014 with 14.6 million wage and salary workers belonging to a union. In 1983 the membership rate was 20.1 with 17.7 million union workers (BLS, 2015).Many things that we take for granted in today’s workplace have been achieved as a result of union activity. According to Union Plus, unions have been responsible for the implementation of the Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA), minimum wage, overtime pay, and over 30 other benefits that we currently have in the workplace (Union, n.d.).
I believe unions are still relevant in some workplaces. The business world has made many positive changes and overall most business try to treat their staff fairly, provide good benefits and compensation, and a safe workplace. However, not all businesses do and workers may need assistance from a union to intercede on their behalf. That is the basic role of a union. Unions will negotiate with an employer for better pay, benefits and working conditions. There are many different opinions regarding the fairness of unions to employees, employers and taxpayers. When I worked for BellSouth I was part of the Communication Workers of America(C.W.A.). As a BellSouth employee you could choose to be in the union or not if you were in aright to work state. Some of my coworkers were not members but they still reaped the benefits of the work the C.W.A. did for us each time contracts were renewed. I remember one year we

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