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HRMT416 Week 5 Discussion Forum

Think about the last time you had a problem or were disappointed with your own performance, either on the job or in one of your classes. Try to identify the cause or causes of this problem, and discuss what you think could be done to correct it and to avoid the same problem in the future.

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Mid-year reviews just wrapped up at Starwood. Our company uses a performance review system that establishes goals at the beginning of the year, examines progress mid-year, and then reviews performance at the end of the year. We also have periodic scheduled update meetings each month to ensure targets are being met. According to Michael Armstrong, employees and managers should work together to identify goals and align them to the business strategy (Armstrong, 2006). At the beginning of the year I created what I thought were very achievable goals for my role with the help of my manager and then, Spin happened. Spin is a hot topic at Starwood right now as we separate from Starwood Hotels and become Vistana Signature Experiences. Spin has added additional work to my already heavy load and as a result I started to fall behind on goals that were set. According to the AMA Dictionary of Business and Management, goals should be realistic but challenge the employee, specific, measurable, and time-bound (Kurian, 2013).

I followed these guidelines when I set my goals and failing is not an option for me because I know the value that completing these goals will bring to our training programs. The current growth of our company is causing good growing pains for me and the work I do. In late June, rather than tell my leader I was at risk of not delivering on agreed upon goals, I set up a meeting so I could review a possible plan that would help us achieve most of the goals. According to Peters and Werner, after setting goals, employees should design how they will achieve the goals. Giving staff this personal responsibility for achieving goals will lead to greater accountability on their part. Leaders should provide timely feedback regarding the

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