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HRMT416 Week 7 Discussion Forum

Please discuss the main functions of organizational development (OD)and what you feel is the most important issue facing HR Managers, employees, and organizations today.

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Beck hard defines organizational development as an effort that is planned, organization wide, managed from the top to increase effectiveness and health in an organization through planned interventions to their processes using behavioral science (Beckard, 1969). Basically, it is a process to guide an organization through planned changes. The main functions within organizational development are to improve how effective an organization is, maximize the potential of the employees and what they contribute to the organization, and to align business strategies and processes to behaviors and the culture of the organization. Global economy, competition, and the Internet have changed how a business operates and even where their staff is physically located. This change brings a need for organizational development to step in and assist with the change process.

Organizations that are able to identify trends and issues and respond quickly are more likely to be successful (Werner, 2009). In my opinion, the biggest issues that HR managers, employees and organizations will face will are in the areas of recruitment and retention and culture. Recruitment and retention may be challenging because we are now a global society. This means that more opportunities will be available for people to choose from when looking for new opportunities. According to a November 2012 poll by the Society for Human Resource Management 59% of respondents ranked this factor in their top three challenges, compared to51% in 2010 (Biggest, n.d.). By nature, people always think there are better opportunities than the one they are in and when the economy or growth is slow they become open to looking for other opportunities. Recruiters have to consistently look for new ways to find talent and

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